Guiding You Through An Ocean Deep-Dive Into New Levels Of Self-Awareness And Clarity.

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"It's kind of a big deal...starting with you...and working from the inside out."

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A Self Coaching Journal Guiding You Through An Ocean Deep-Dive Into New Levels Of Self-Awareness And Clarity.

Whispers to Wisdom...

Is for smart people who know that life is about self-awareness, expansion, and growth. This process is for those who are open to fresh experiences and new ways of thinking, who aim up, reach for more, honor their own whispers, and have a desire to do what matters most in their own lives and have a positive impact on the world.

Whispers to Wisdom...

is a roadmap to the deep and inner work that only you can do. You can't hire this out to anyone else. This is an inside job. It is finding your true north and your guiding light. It allows you to set your compass and program your GPS system for your life journey and live the life you were meant to live.

Whispers to Wisdom...

provides the resources to help you become wise in what matters most to you. Learning ways to nurture and grow your wisdom. . . because the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. Who Are You? Uncover your true colors. Why are you really here?

Whispers to Wisdom...

provides the framework to access your whispers. . . the ones that keep popping into your mind, and honor your innate wisdom and inner strengths. This guide will define, once and for all, who you really are, what you want, and why you want it. Step by step. . . and on to your next step with confidence.

Whispers to Wisdom...

will end your self-doubts and allow ease in decision making by uncovering your own unique matrix of skills and driving forces. Exercises, self-journaling, and reflection will get you to your "Zone of Genius" and unlock your highest potential. This is what brings real peace and real joy. This is the Inner Work that should always come before you pay someone to tell you to do something you are not sure you want to do.

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10 Little Rules For Your Creative Soul

Do you long to live a more creative or artistic life? Do you wish you could break out and express your free side, your wild child? Read on, soul seeker.

Former corporate trainer turned professional artist Rita Long learned the hard way that we create our lives, minute by minute, every moment of the day. Some do it unconsciously, never stopping to realize that yes, this life is indeed of their own making. These are the ones who pine for things to be another way or yearn for more freedom to express. Others, the ones we often look to as the “creative” type, choose to consciously create their lives.

Rita knows that living a more creative life starts with this one truth: WE ARE ALL CREATIVE. The beauty of creativity is that you don’t have to understand it on a scholarly level to practice it. It’s waiting for you. It’s already there, calling your name. Listen. It’s Inspiration, Intuition, Awareness, Ideas, Consciousness, Imagination — and it’s asking you to go for a ride, begging “Pick me! Pick Me!” Are you listening, or are you second guessing or ignoring those creative urges?

In 10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul (the second book in the 10 Little Rules series), you’ll find inspiration, guidance and simple yet soulful exercises to help you learn to hear those whispers and act on them. 

Owning your creative energies starts today, when you make the intention to acknowledge this as part of your life and your being. You deserve it. Embrace your creative life, live it abundantly and fearlessly, and stand back and watch where it takes you!

You Aren't Alone!

If you are like most of my clients, you are:

  • Accomplished, yet feeling “I’m not done yet!”
  • Moving into a new stage of life
  • Ready to achieve a big goal for your life
  • Unsure of your next step
  • Concerned that you are too old or will make a mistake

Does that sound familiar? if so, you are in the right place. Who Are YOU?


Hi, I'm Rita.

I’m dedicated to guiding you through the transitions of your life so you can achieve your biggest goals.

Whether you are looking for a new normal, have recently become an empty nester, or are making the move from a corporate job to the life of an entrepreneur, I’m here to help you get clarity. 

We’ll create life-changing habits, uncover strategies for living the life you were meant to live, and help you become a braver, more authentic you.

You're ready for more. 

You want results quickly. 

Deep down in your heart, you know this is important for you, your life, and your business.

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